Adhesives from Armafix

Armafix stock a full range of adhesives including grab adhesive, wood adhesive, contact adhesive, superglues and activators.  We always stock top quality brands to ensure that your jobs are completed to the highest standards. ________________________________________________________________________________________________


strong_gripStrongGrip™ is a revolutionary direct bond cartridge applied adhesive formulated specially for the professional, using polymers at the forefront of adhesive technology. StrongGrip™ comes in a 350ml cartridge and bonds virtually all common building surfaces and is designed for both internal and external use.


 Schtuk Extreme™

schtuk_extremeSchtuk Extreme™ is a one part, chemically curing solvent free sealant and adhesive combining the best qualities of silicone and polyurethane technologies.  Schtuk Extreme™, which comes in a 300ml cartridge, bonds and seals virtually everything to anything in all conditions.


D4 Wood Adhesive

D4_wood_adhesiveD4 Wood Adhesive is a solvent free industrial grade adhesive based upon the latest hybrid resin technology. It can be used either internally or externally, provides high strength and is totally waterproof.  This impact and temperature resistant wood adhesive produces a bond that is usually stronger than the wood itself!  We stock 1 litre bottles.


Schtuk PVA D3

schtuk_pva330Schtuk PVA D3 premium PVA adhesive is an all purpose weatherproof wood adhesive that is of high quality, and is resin based for all wood bonding.  We stock both 5 litre and 1 litre bottles.


5 Minute Polyurethane Wood Adhesive Gel

lumberjack_wood_adhesive_310mlLumberjack 5 minute polyurethane wood adhesive gel is a thixotropic, transparent, gap filling gel which once applied, sets hard in just 5 minutes. It is particularly suitable for equipment manufacture and production line applications where rapid handling is required. We stock a 310ml cartridge.


5 Minute Polyurethane Wood Adhesive Liquid

lumberjack_wood_adhesiveLumberjack 5 minute polyurethane wood adhesive liquid is a red wood adhesive suitable for larger applications, or joinery workshops where greater economy is required. Once applied, Lumberjack sets hard in 5 minutes.  We stock a 750g bottle.


 All Purpose Contact Adhesive

stick_2_contact_adhesiveStick 2 all purpose contact adhesive is a premium grade rubber based contact adhesive suitable for use with a wide range of materials.  This adhesive may be used internally and externally  (apart from the 5 litre size which is for internal use only).  We stock the 750ml and the 5 litre tins.


Spray Contact Adhesive

stick_2_spray_contact_adhesiveStick 2 spray contact adhesive is a sprayable glue which bonds most common building materials. It is ideal for securing most carpets and floor coverings. Stick 2 spray contact adhesive is suitable for both internal and external use, providing permanent or temporary adhesion.  We stock a 500ml aerosol.


Contact Adhesive Thinner & Cleaner

stick_2_contact_adhesive_thinner_cleanerStick 2 contact adhesive thinner and cleaner is an aggressive solvent, which is specially blended for both thinning all purpose contact adhesive and for cleaning up excess adhesive after application. It works on either wet or dry adhesive.  We stock 1 litre bottles. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

 Industrial Superglue

superglueWe stock both medium and high viscosity superglue in 50g bottles.  Medium viscosity formula fills gaps to 0.1mm and is for use on perfect fit surfaces where fast set is required. Medium viscosity formula bonds most non porous surfaces and the setting time 5 to 15 seconds.  High viscosity formula is for porous and non porous substrates where a slightly delayed set of 10 to 30 seconds is required.  ________________________________________________________________________________________________

 Mitre Fast Bonding Kit

mitre_bonding_packMitre Fast bonding kit is a two part instant adhesive system comprising a cyanoacrylate adhesive and aerosol spray activator.  Mitre Fast’s instant bonding properties dramatically reduce assembly times for mitre joints when compared to conventional wood adhesives.  The aerosol activator is also available separately. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Spray Adhesive System

spray_adhesive_systemThis superior spray bonding adhesive system is supplied in pressurised containers for bonding laminates, veneers, edge banding, vinyls, PVCu sheet and fabrics.  It is perfect for site use with no external power source required, no set up time, virtually maintenance free and fully portable.  The adhesive is heat resistant and has Fire Rating Class 1 to BS476 part 7 : 1997. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

If you are “schtuk” trying to find the correct adhesive for your application, please call us on 0113 256 7211.  Our friendly sales team will be glad to help you.


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