Anchors from Armafix

These anchors are very heavy duty fixings, often used in concrete, brick or stone and can be used in floors, walls and ceilings.  It is important to drill the correct size hole as if it is too big the anchor will spin.

Below is a list of the fixing anchors available from Armafix. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Sleeve Anchors

sleeve_anchorsThe sleeve anchor is a through fixing with an elongated expansion sleeve, making it suitable for use in brickwork as well as concrete.  We stock a range of M10 and M12 all in different lengths to suit your application.


Through-Bolt Anchors

through_bolt_anchros_zinc_platedThrough bolt anchors are a high performance fixing for concrete.  We stock M6, M8, M10, M12, M16 and M20 in BZP and stainless steel.  Different lengths are available to suit your fixing thickness requirements.


Loose Bolt Shield Anchors

shield_anchors_loose_boltLoose bolt shield anchors are suitable for concrete, brickwork and stone.  A range to suit hole sizes of 10mm up to 25mm are available from stock with different lengths to suit your fixing thickness.



anchorboltAnchorbolts are a grade 8.8 self tapping anchor that provide a positive anchorage in a variety of base materials.  These include concrete, brick, stone and blocks and the anchor performs well in both hollow and solid materials.  We stock from M6 x 75 and M14 x 130.


We understand that from time to time you may have specialist fixing requirements.  So if you cannot find the correct fixing for your project, simply call our expert sales team on 0113 256 7211.

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