Chemical Anchors from Armafix

Chemical or resin anchors are studs which are bonded into masonry or concrete, using a resin adhesive system.  They are ideally suited for higher load applications, as in virtually all cases the bond is stronger than the base material itself.

As the system is based on chemical adhesion, no load stress is placed on the base material and this means that they are ideal for close to edge fixing, group anchoring and for use in concrete where the quality is unknown or of a low compressive strength.

At Armafix, we provide you with the full system as you will see from our product range below. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Resin Cartridges

resin_polyester_buffaloThis is a two-component polyester resin which is mixed in the specially designed nozzle.  It is used with a bolt or threaded rod giving stress-free anchorage.  1 mixer nozzle is supplied with each cartridge.  We stock 410ml polyester resin and 300ml strene-free resin. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Dispensing Gun

dispensing_gunWe supply two dispensing guns, one for the 380ml cartridge and one for the 300ml cartridge. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Blow-out Pump

blow-out_pumpBlow-out pump for cleaning out holes prior to inserting resin.  This is used with the cleaning brush.  ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Cleaning Brush

resin_brushWire brush for cleaning out holes prior to inserting resin.  This is used with the blow-out pump. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Mixer Nozzle

extra_mixer_nozzleExtra nozzles are available for both the 410ml and 300ml cartridges. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Stud Bolts

stud_boltsWe supply stud bolts ranging from M3 up to M30 in any length you specify.  Our unique cutting service saves you down time on site.  Simply tell us the lenghts you require and we will have the cut lengths on site, on time.  Stud bolts are available in BZP and stainless steel. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

At Armafix we endeavour to bring together the best combination of quality and price, to ensure that you get the best value for money.  If you have been specified to use a brand that is not displayed in our portfolio, simply call us on 0113 256 7211 and our technical team will help you to source the correct product.

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