Holesaws, Arbors and Accessories from Armafix

Holesaws are a circle-shaped saw.  They are attached to a drill, and used to cut large holes in thin pieces of material, like wood, plastic, soft plaster, or soft metal.  We stock a large range of high quality holesaws available for next day despatch. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Bi-Metal Premium Holesaws

dart_premium_holesaw_44.jpg Bi-metal premium holesaws are variable pitched for professional use.  They feature a smooth cutting action  with precision set teeth for aggressive material penetration and swarf clearance. With a 38mm cutting depth these holesaws will cut both thin and thick gauge materials.  They are suitable for cutting aluminium, steel, stainless steel, brass, cast iron, wood and plastic.  Manufactured with 8% cobalt provides resistance and long life.  We stock all sizes from 16mm to 210mm. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Holesaw Arbors

bosch_power_change_arborsWe stock a range of arbors to use with our bi-metal premium holesaws.  Arbors are available in A1 (for 14-30mm holesaws) and A2 (for 33 – 210mm holesaws).  We stock both hex shanks and SDS-plus shanks. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Pilot Drills

pilot_drill_holesawPilot drills are for use with holesaws and we stock two sizes which suit our whole range of holesaws. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

At Armafix we focus on being the most helpful and friendly supplier to the mechanical and electrical industries.  If you need any help, just call us today on 0113 256 7211.

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