Jigsaw Blades and Reciprocating Saw Blades from Armafix

At Armafix we offer a range of popular jigsaw blades for most applications.  It is important that you use the right blade for the job, and we’re here to help you choose the correct one. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Jigsaw Blades for Wood & Plastics

jigsaw_blades_wood-plasticsOur quality HCS carbon steel jigsaw blades are for cutting softer materials including wood, laminated chipboard and plastic.  They have a T shaped shank which makes them suitable for most jigsaws.  We stock the following: T101AO which are suitable for curve cuts in wood and laminates up to 15mm; T101B for clean cutting in woods and plastics up to 30mm; T101BR which are for splinterfree reverse cutting in wood and laminates upto 30mm; T144D for quick cutting in wood up to 50mm. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

 Jigsaw Blades for Metal

jigsaw_blades_metalOur HSS fully hardened jigsaw blades are for cutting harder materials such as metal, aluminium and non-ferrous metals.  They have a T shaped shank which is suitable for most popular jigsaws.  We stock the T118A blade for cutting 1.5 – 4mm metal and the T118B blade which is for cutting metal from 3 – 10mm. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Jigsaw Blades for Special Applications

jigsaw_blades_specialWe stock a range of blades to suit special applications as follows: T101AIF for cutting perspex or polycarbonate from 2 – 20mm; T118AHM for cutting stainless steel sheet metal or mild steel from 1.5 – 4mm and T118EHM for cutting stainless steel sheet metal or mild steel from 2 – 5mm. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Progressor Jigsaw Blades

progressor_jigsaw_bladesProgressor jigsaw blades have progressive tooth spacing for fast cuts and long life in a wide range of materials.   We stock T123X which cuts sheet metal and pipes up to 30mm and the T324X which offers accurate and splinter free cuts in chipboard and solid wood. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Reciprocating Saw Blades for Wood & Plastics

reciprocating_saw_blades_wood_plasticReciprocating saw blades for wood, laminated chipboard and plastic are made of HCS carbon steel.  We stock the S644D which is for 6 – 100mm ‘nail free’ construction wood and the S1617K which is for cutting course wood from 20 – 250mm or damp wood. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Reciprocating Saw Blades for Metal

reciprocating_saw_blades_metal_cuttingWe stock the following HSS fully hardened reciprocating saw blades for cutting harder materials such as metal, aluminium and non-ferrous metals: S922BF which is for 3 – 8mm sheet metal or 10 – 100mm pipes and profiles; S922EF for 1.5 – 4mm sheet metal or 5 – 100mm pipes and profiles; S1122BF which is for 3 – 8mm or 10 – 175mm pipes and profiles; S1122EF for 1.5 – 4mm sheet metal or 5 – 75mm pipes and profiles and S1222VF for sheet metal, pipe and aluminium profiles of 3 – 10mm, 3 – 250mm plastic and fibreglass and 5 – 250 nail-embedded wood. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Reciprocating Saw Blades for Special Applications

reciprocating_saw_blades_metalThe S1130RIFF blade is for cast iron pipes from 3 – 150mm, 10 – 175mm red brick, 3 – 175mm fibreglass.  These are available from stock. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

We have many other products available from our large supply chain so please call us on 0113 256 7211 and we’ll be glad to help you.


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