Masonry Drill Bits

Masonry drill bits are tools used to drill through masonry structures, including brick and concrete. These  drill bits may be used with either a standard drill or a hammer drill, which hammers into the brick or concrete as it rotates. Using a variety of masonry drill bits, contractors can install electrical wiring and pipes through masonry walls, or attach objects to masonry structures. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

SDS-Plus Hammer Drill Bits

sds_hammer_drill_bitsSDS-Plus hammer drill bits are for use in most makes of light or medium pnematic rotary hammer drills.  We stock a large range from 5mm to 30 mm diameters. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

 Trijet-Plus SDS-Plus Drill Bits

trijet_sds_plus_drill_bitsThe 3 cutter head on these drill bits enables concrete-embedded reinforcing bars to be drilled through without the drill bit snagging.  Sizes from 6mm to 20mm are available on a 1-2 day delivery service. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

SDS-Plus Steel Chisels

sds_plus_steelsSDS-Plus steel chisels are for use in most light to medium hammer drills.  We stock both 250 x 22mm and  250 x 40mm. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Rotary Impact Masonry Drill Bits

rotary_impact_masonry_drill_bitsRotary impact masonry drill bits are tungsten carbide tipped drill bits for stone, brick or concrete.  They are for use in standard 3-jaw chuck drilling machines.  5.5mm to 8mm are available from stock and larger sizes are available to order. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Dry Diamond Core Drilling System

dry_diamond_core_drillDry diamond core drills are for use in rotary drilling machines giving fast clean holes.  We stock two different grades, one for brick and blockwork, the other for hard materials (e.g. concrete).  Core sizes range from 22mm to 152mm. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Dry Diamond Core Drilling Accessories

dry_diamond_accessoriesWe stock adaptor packs for both hex and SDS drills.  The pack includes a guide and drift key.  Please contact us for any other accessories required.


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