Metal Drill Bits from Armafix

Armafix stock a large range of metal drill bits to suit all applications.  From general purpose roll forged HSS drill bits through to broaching cutters for mag drills you can rely on Armafix for next day delivery and competitive prices.


HSS-R Jobber Drills

hss_r_jobber_drillsWe stock a range of roll forged HSS drill bits for general purpose applications.  They are manufactured to DIN338 standards have a 118˚ standard tip angle and right hand cutting at 30˚.  Both imperial and metric sizes are available for next day delivery.


HSS-R Long Series Drills

hss_r_long_series_drillsLong series drills are for drilling deeper holes, or to access areas with limited space.  These roll forged HSS drill bits are available in all metric sizes.


HSS-G Jobber Drills

hss_g_jobber_drillsOur precision ground steel drill bit are for a wide range of applications.  They are manufactured to DIN338 standards have a 135˚ split point tip for spot drilling without pre-centring.  The ground cutting edge offers fast drilling and perfect finishing whilst the ground flute ensures fast chip removal.  We stock all sizes from 1mm to 13mm.


HSS-G Stub Drills

hss_g_stub_drillsHSS-G stub drills have a shorter length which gives greater resistance to breakage.  All sizes from 3.2mm – 10mm are available for next day delivery.


HSS-G Blacksmith Drills

hss_g_blacksmiths_drillsHSS-G twist drills with reduced shanks are manufactured to DIN338 standards.  The 135° split point provides spot drilling without pre-centring.  HSS-G Blacksmith drills are precision engineered for use on cast iron, steel, non-ferrous metals and plastic.  We stock all sizes from 13.5mm to 25mm.


HSS-C Jobber Drills

hss_c_jobber_drillsHSS-C jobber drills are precision engineered for use on tough materials and hard steel.
They are manufactured to DIN338 standards and the 135˚ split point tip enables spot drilling without pre-centring.  These drill bits have excellent resistance to heat and wear
and are 5% Cobalt.  We stock all sizes from 1mm to 13mm.


HSS Drill Bit Sets

hss_drill_bit_setOur 25 piece HSS drill bits set comes in a metal case and covers all sizes from 1mm to 13mm in 0.5mm increments.


Broaching Cutters

broaching_cutters _shortHSS broaching cutters or mag drills are for use in electromagnetic drilling machines.  We stock a range of short, which will cut up to 25mm thick and long, which will cut material up to 50mm.


 Pilot Pins

pilot pinsPilot pins are for keep broaching cutter centered whilst drilling.  We stock both long and short pins.


Conecut Taper Drills

conecut_taper_drillsConecut taper drills are for enlarging holes in thin sheet metal, creating a clean circular hole.  We stock three sizes, No 0 which ranges from 3-14mm, No 1 which ranges from 8-20mm and No 2 which ranges from 16-30mm. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

 Cutting & Tapping Compound

cutting_tapping_compoundCutting and tapping compound simplifies drilling, sawing and thread cutting.  It is safe to use on steels, copper, brass, stainless steel and ceramics.  Cutting and tapping compound extends tool life, has high rates of metal removal and anti weld features and is silicone and CFCs free. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Cutting & Tapping Fluid – 500ml Aerosol

cutting_drilling_tapping_fluidCutting and tapping fluid is a specific blend of oils which spray to give a frothy and oily liquid.  It can be used with all cutting tools and provides an improved surface finish by reducing heat and friction. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

If you have any questions regarding our extensive product range, simply call our friendly team on 0113 256 7211.  We are here to help you.

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