Taps, Stocks and Dies from Armafix

Taps and dies are used to cut threads in metal, plastics, or hard rubber.  Taps are used for cutting internal female threads, and the dies are used to cut external male threads. There are different types of taps as detailed below. ________________________________________________________________________________________________


tapsTAPER TAPS have a lead of 7-10 threads at 5º per side. The lead distributes the cutting force over a large area, and the shape helps the thread to start. They are therefore used either to start a thread prior to use of second or bottom leads, or for through holes.  SECOND TAPS have a lead of 3-5 threads at 8º per side. They are the most popular and can be used for both through holes or blind holes where it is not necessary for the thread to go right to the bottom.  BOTTOM TAPS have a chamfer (lead) of 1–2 threads, the angle of the lead being around 18º per side. They are used to produce threads close to the bottom of blind holes.  We stock a range of taps from M3 up to M20. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Tap Wrenches

tap_wrenchesTap wrenches are used to thread the tap into the material with the arms providing the needed leverage.  We stock three sizes to cover all sizes of taps. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Stocks & Dies

stocks_and_diesIn order to create uniform threads on different devices, a die stock provides the framework that makes it possible to position the dies.  These individual dies are razor sharp and are capable of cutting into metal with relative ease.  The use of the die stock handle helps to make sure the amount of pressure applied remains uniform throughout the thread cutting process. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

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