Wood Drill Bits for Armafix

When working in areas with timber, we offer a range of auger bits and flat wood bits to help you drill the necessary holes to run your cables or pipes. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Auger Bits

auger_bits_8_26Auger bits are suitable for drilling both dry or wet, soft and hard woods.  They have a threaded tip for self centring and self feeding.  The flute geometry is specially designed to enable fast drilling.  These are also available with an SDS shank.  We stock a range of 6 – 32mm diameters in 100mm, 235mm and 460mm lengths.


Flat Wood Bits

flat_wood_bitsFlat wood bits are designed for general use in drilling wood, plastic and plasterboard.  They feature double sided spurs which create cleaner holes and reduces vibration.  This ensures faster and easier drilling and the side scoops optimises the removal of wood chippings.  We stock all sizes from 10mm to 38mm.


Flat Wood Bit Extension

flat_bit_extensionThe flat wood bit extension enables you to access those hard to reach areas, or to help you drill deeper holes.  This extension piece is 300mm long. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

At Armafix our team are always looking for ways to make your job easier.  If you have a challenge you are facing just call our friendly team today on 0113 256 7211.

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