Electrical & Mechanical

Containment, unistrut and bracketry are really at the heart of our product range.  We offer a complete one-stop shop for all your electrical & mechanical fixings.

Our ever growing range includes but is not limited, cable tray, cable basket, trunking, conduit, unistrut, cable clips and ties, terminal blocks, insulation tape, Lindapters, lined and unlined pipe clamps, backplates, u-bolts, filbows, catenary wire, zip clips, unistrut bracketry and fixing band.

All of our products are quality checked and we ensure consistency.  So if your embarking on a large refit job you can rest assured that your containment will always be the same profile throughout the project.

We have supplied thousands of metres of Armafix containment and unistrut throughout the UK.

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