Catenary Wire and Accessories from Armafix

Catenary wire is for appliccations where you do not have a suitable place from which to suspend your lighting or cable management accessories.  Frequently, it’s not possible to hang straight down from a purlin or directly drill into a soffit, but catenary wire allows you to overcome these challenges.  Manufactures Zip and Gripple offer extensive product ranges and we will help you find the accessories you need. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Catenary Wire

catenary_wire_reelCatenary wire is available in 2mm, 3mm and 6mm thicknesses.  Each roll contains 100m. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Zip Clips

zip_clipZip clips are releaseable catenary wire rope grips which are used to form loops of wire around girders etc. for hanging services and fittings.  The release clip enables easy, accurate height adjustments. We stock clips for 2mm and 3mm wire.  For maximum load capacities and other advice, please call our sales team on 0113 256 7211. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Catenary Wire Grips

catenary_wire_gripsCatenary wire grips are for gripping and securing catenary wire once a loop has been formed by bending the wire back on itself. We stock two sizes; one to suit 2-3mm wire and the other to suit 6mm wire. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Catenary Wire Tensioners

catenary_wire_tensionersCatenary wire tensioners are used to tension the wire which minimises unwanted movement.  Our stock consists of two sizes; one to suit 2-3mm wire and the other to suit 6mm wire. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Galvanised D-Shackles

galvanised_d_shacklesGalavanised D-shackles are suitable for all anchoring uses when installing catenary wire but are not to be used for lifting.  The width between the legs is 18mm. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Eye Bolts

eye_boltsEye bolts are fully threaded bolts for anchoring catenary wire into concrete or other solid materials.  We stock M6, M8, M10 and M12 threads. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Vine Eyes

vine_eyes_bzpBZP vine eyes are for anchoring catenary wire into timber or other solid materials.  We stock 5.5 x 75mm with a 12mm eye diameter. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Wire Hangers

wire_hangersWire hangers are used in concrete soffits and similar materials for wire suspension applications.  The hanger requires a 6mm hole with a minium depth of 40mm. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Our friendly and help team are always ready to help you find the products you need to complete your job.  Our aim is to help you finish your projects on time and within budget.  Call us now on 0113 256 7211.



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