90° Channel Brackets from Armafix

Channel brackets are used for joining one or two pieces of Unistrut or compatitible system together.  They are manufactured in 6mm galvanised steel and have 14mm diameter holes.  An array of different configerations are available for next day delivery across the UK. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

90° Channel Bracket – P1026

90_bracket_p1026The P1026 bracket is a two hole bracket, often refered to as a ‘one hole, one hole’.  The dimensions are 50mm x 47mm. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

 90° Channel Bracket – P1346

90_bracket_p1346The P1346 channel bracket has three holes and is also known as a ‘one hole, two hole’.  Its dimensions measure 47 x 98mm. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

90° Channel Bracket – P1325

90_bracket_p1325The P1325 is a four hole bracket with two holes in each straight edge.  The dimensions for this bracket is 89 x104mm. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

90° Channel Bracket – P1278

90_bracket_p1278The P1278 bracket is a four hole bracket which is also known as a ‘one hole, three hole’.  The dimensions of this bracket are 56 x 137mm. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

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