Square Plates and Splice Plates from Armafix

Square plates are used for locking off threaded rod and bolts in Unistrut or compatible systems.  Splice plates are used for joining two or three pieces of Unistrut together.  Both are manufactured from 6mm thick galvanised steel and are available from stock for rapid delivery. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Square Plates

square_plate_p1063Square plates are available with different hole sizes to suit the thread diameter you are working with.  We stock square plates to suit M6, M8, M10 and M12 threads.  The square plate measures 40 x 40mm. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Splice Plate – P1065

splice_plate_p1065The P1065 splice plate has two holes and is for joining two pieces of Unistrut together.  The dimensions are 40 x 88mm. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Splice Plate – P1066

splice_plate_p1066The P1066 splice plate has three holes and can be used for joining up to three pieces of Unistrut together.  The dimensions are 40 x 136mm. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Splice Plate – P1067

splice_plate_p1067The P1067 splice plate has four holes and is used in applications where a stronger joint is required.  The P1067 can be used for joining up to three pieces of Unistrut together and  measures 40 x 184mm. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

For help or advice, call our friendly sales team on 0113 256 7211.  With many years of experience behind us, we will find the right product for your application.  Simply call us today.

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