Pemsa Rejiband Basket Tray from Armafix

Basket tray is used for cable and pipe management in electrical and mechanical installations in public buildings, infrastructure and civil works industrial facilities.  Basket tray is simple to install due to its “cut, bend and join” system.  It offers light construction providing maximum ventilation and cleanliness.  Also this type of containment offers great strength, flexibility and enables on-site construction of accessories.


Pemsa Rejiband Basket Tray

pemsa_rejiband_basket_trayPemsa Rejiband basket tray is electro-welded steel with safety edges to avoid injury to persons and the cables or pipes being installed.  The finish is electrolytic bichromate (UNE-EN 12329) which is gold coloured and is suitable for interior installations where there is dry atmosphere without contaminants.  Pemsa Rejiband basket tray is fire resistance E90 (90 minutes at 1,000 degrees).  We stock 3m lengths both 35mm and 60mm depths and  widths from 60mm upto 400mm.  Quick delivery times are available on all other sizes.


Pemsa Basket Click Connectors

pemsa_basket_clip_connectorsThe Pemsa click connector is for joining two pieces of basket tray together.  This provides very quick assembly without need for screws or any special tools.  These connectors also ensure electrical continuity.  The number of connectors required depends on the width of the tray – please ask our technical team for help.


Pemsa Basket Central Hanging Plates

pemsa_central_hanging_plateThe Pemsa central hanging plates are for ceiling mounting of the Rejiband tray using one length of threaded rod.  These hanging plates are designed for tray widths from 100 to 200 mm, inclusive.  We stock two sizes, one for M8 rod and the other for M10.


Pemsa Basket Reinforced Joint Clamp

pemsa_basket_reinforced_joint_clampThe Pemsa 3 part reinforced joint clamp is a connecting piece for the assembly of different sections of Rejiband tray.  The joint clamp improves the mechanical performance of the tray by 20% provided you use the required number of clamps.


If you have had a particular manufactures product specified on one of your projects please ask us to source this for you.  We have access to a wide range of manufactures and suppliers and will be glad to help you.  Call us on 0113 256 7211.


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