Pipe and Cable Support Accessories from Armafix

Pipe and cable support accessories provide quick and easy solutions for securing, supporting and strapping of cable, pipework, trunking and ducting.  All stock items are available for next day delivery. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Galvanised Fixing Band

perforated_fixing_bandGalvanised fixing band is easy to both cut and bend.  It is available from stock in widths of 12mm (5mm hole diameter), 17mm (6.5mm hole diameter) and 26mm (8.5mm hole diameter).  It is just 0.85mm thick and is available on 10m coils. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Black PVC Covered Fixing Band

black_pvc_perforated_fixing_bandBlack PVC covered fixing band is more popular and is available from stock in 12mm (5mm hole diameter) and 19mm (6.5mm hole diameter).  It is 2.4mm thick and available on 10m coils.  The flexible properties of black PVC covered fixing band makes it very easy to install. ________________________________________________________________________________________________


big_foot_fix_it_foot.jpgFlexi-Foot are a quick and easy support solution from Armafix. The feet have 21mm x 41mm channel recessed into the top face which allows fixing of the services resting across the feet.  Flexi-Foot are suitable for pipework, ducting and cable tray runs.  The environmentally friendly Flexi-Foot is made of durable recycled rubber, which offers built-in anti-vibration properties and makes it very economical.  We stock 250mm, 400mm, 600mm and 1000mm. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Mounting Blocks

mounting_blockMounting blocks are specifically designed for the safe mounting of condensing units on floors and roofs.  These blocks help to reduce vibration and are supplied with all the neccessary fixings for an easy and quick installation. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Please call us on 0113 256 7211 if you require any technical information or advice on any of our extensive product range.

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