Pipe Clamps and Accessories from Armafix

Armafix supply a range of rubber lined clamps, unlined clamps, munsen rings and accessories for suspending and clamping pipework throughout construction projects. ________________________________________________________________________________________________


back_platesBright zinc plated backplates are available with a dual boss to suit both M8 and M10 threaded bar.  The plate size is 20 x 70mm. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Rubber Lined Pipe Clamps

pipe_clamps_linedRubber lined pipe clamps are for efficient installation of all types of pipework.  The EPDM rubber lining reduces noise and vibration and allows for thermal expansion.  All pipe clamps come with a dual threaded boss to suit either M8 or M10 threaded rod.  We stock a range of sizes to suit pipe sizes from 15mm to 172mm. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

 Unlined Pipe Clamps

pipe_clamps_unlinedFor a more ecomonical install where noise and vibration are not an issue, we supply a range of unlined pipe clamps.  Our stock covers all sizes from 15mm to 172mm and each pipe clamp comes with a dual threaded boss which suits both M8 and M10 threaded bar. ________________________________________________________________________________________________


filbowsFilbows are widely used in the widely used in the fire protection industry and are designed to make installation easy when hanging sprinkler piping.  We stock all sizes from 25mm upto 100mm. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

U-Bolts Standard Leg

u_bolts_standardU-bolts are used for clamping pipes into place and are available in all size from ¾” to 12″ nominal bore. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

U-Bolts Extended Leg

u_bolts_extendedWhen extra capacity is required, we offer the extended leg u-bolt which is available from stock in ¾” to 3″ nominal bore. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Brass Munsen Rings

brass_munsen_ringsBrass munsen rings are used for supporting copper pipe.  We stock 15mm up to 35mm for collection or delivery.


Brass Back Plates

brass_back_plateBrass back plates are used in conjunction with brass munsen rings.  The back plate is attached to the wall, ceiling or floor and then the munsen ring is threaded onto the back plate.


Galvanised Munsen Rings

galvanised_munsen_ringsGalvanised munsen rings are used for steel pipe, and due to the galvanised finish can be used in both internal and external applications.  Our stock range fit pipes spanning from 15mm (NB) nominal bore up to 100mm NB.


Galvanised Back Plates

galvanised_back_platesGalvanised back plates are used in conjunction with galvanised munsen rings.  The galvanised coating ensures good durability in external applications.  The back plate is attached to the munsen ring using M8 threaded rod.


Self Colour Munsen Rings

self_colour_munsen_ringsSelf colour, or black, munsen rings are a more cost effective option for internal installations of steel pipes.  We stock munsen rings to suit pipes with 15mm (NB) nominal bore up to 100mm NB.


Self Colour Back Plates

self_colour_back_plateSelf colour, or black, back plates are for use with self colour munsen rings.  They are attached to the munsen ring using M8 threaded rod.  We offer pre-cut rods which speeds up your installation.


Cushion Clamp

cushion_clamp_channel_mounting_systemThe cushion clamp is a channel mounting clamping system.  The clamp has two steel sleeves (with electro-dichromate finish) which slot into the top of Unistrut or similar system.  The plastic insert sits around the pipe and the sleeves are then clamped together using the inbuilt screw and nyloc nut.  These clamps are available in 7 sizes from ¼” up to 1⅛”.


If you need help and advice on how to install any of our products call 0113 256 7211 and our knowledgeable sales team will be happy to support.

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