RapidRail® Accessories for Pipe Fixing from Armafix

RapidRail® accessories are suited for all sizes of rail and are made of zinc plated steel.  They come as ‘ready-to-use’ pre-assembled fixings to enable a speedy installation.  They are designed to retain assembly in place before they are finally tightened.


RaidRail® Slide Nut

rapidrail_slide_nutsRapidRail® slide nuts are available with a M6, M8 or M10 thread. _____________________________________________________________________________________________

RaidRail® Hammerfix

rapidrail_armafix_hammerfixRapidRail® hammerfix is a slide nut with a pre-inserted stud bolt.  This fixing is a massive time saver and they are available in M6, M8 and M10 thread in lengths ranging from 20mm to 200mm. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

RaidRail® Hammerfix Female Thread

rapidrail_armafix_hammerfix_female_threadRapidRail® hammerfix female thread is a slide nut with a pre-inserted female thread.  The fixing has an inspection hole so that you can check the screw-in depth of the rod.  Two sizes are available – M8 and M10 thread and the screw-in depth is continuously variable. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

RaidRail® Ball Swivel Hanger

rapidrail_armafix_ball_swivel_hangersRapidRail® ball swivel hanger is a slide nut with a pre-inserted female thread swivel hanger which can swing up to 20°.  They are recommended for metal pipes up to DN 50 or plastic pipes up to DN 100.  The swivel hanger has an inspection hole to check the screw-in depth of the threaded rod.  This fixing is available in M8 or M10 in either 45mm or 70mm lengths. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

For more details on weight loadings or applications, please call our helpful team on 0113 256 7211.  Our technical team would be happy to meet you on site to discuss your requirements.

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