Spring Steel Fasteners from Armafix

Spring steel fasteners are quick and economical fasteners for many applications including, cables, conduits and suspended ceilings.  All fasteners within this range come with an electro-galvanised finish. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Horizontal Flange Clip

horizontal_flange_clipHorizontal flange clips are designed for suspending or attaching services or cables to metal beams.  To install you simply hammer them onto the purlin.  The fixing hole measures 6.5mm diameter and we stock a range to suit different flange thicknesses, from 2mm up to 20mm. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Vertical Flange Clamp

flange_clipThe vertical flange clamp is a simple, fast and high strength fixing for suspending wire and lighting from steel beams.  The fixing hole measure 6.5mm and they are suitable for flanges of 1.5 – 4mm. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Flange Clamp

flange_clampFlange clamps are suitable for use with parallel or tapered flange beams and are supplied with a plain back hole. The flange clamp has a grade 8.8 set screw to ensure a secure grip.  We stock three sizes, 9mm hole, 11mm hole or 13mm hole. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Rod Hangers

rod_hangersRod hangers are suitable for fixing to timber, masonry or steel.  The hole at the top enables you to choose your appropriate fixing.  The threaded rod threads through the hole in the base of the hanger and we stock hole diameters of M6, M8 and M10. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Vertical Flange Rod Hanger

vertical_flange_rod_hangersThe vertical flange rod hanger is tapped onto a flange with a hanger, providing a fixing for threaded rod.  The rod threads through the hole in the base of the fixing and we carry M8 and M10 hole diameters in stock. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Return Flange Rod Hanger

return_flange_rod_hangerThis rod hanger is for purlins with a return flange.  Once in position, the hanger provides a fixing for threaded rod.  We stock M8 and M10 hole diameters for next day delivery. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Z Beam Purlin Clips

z_beam_clampsZ beam purlin clips, otherwise known as Z beam clamps are a purlin clip which fit a large range of purlin sections.  Once installed you can thread rod upto M10 diameter through the holes in the clip. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

 Edge Clip Cable Fixing

edge_clipInstallation of this edge clip cable fixing is simple.  A light tap of the hammer fastens the edge clip securely to the steel beam.  The cable can then be inserted and removed as necessary without removing the edge clip from the girder.  We stock a wide range of sizes suitable for flange thicknesses of 2mm up to 12mm and cable diameters of 7mm up to 24mm. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Conduit Support Clip

conduit_support_clipConduit support clips are designed for attaching conduit to purlins or to threaded rod.  These clips are suited to flange thicknesses of 3-9mm and conduit thicknesses of 20 – 38mm. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

 Tee Bar Scissor Clip

tee-Bar_scissor_clipThe tee bar scissor clip is a twist on clip for supporting fittings below a ceiling grid on a 25mm suspended ceiling.  The stud size M6 x 16mm. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

If you are needing a site delivery tomorrow, simply call our sales team now on 0113 256 7211 and we’ll arrange this for you.  We aim to have deliveries on site, on time, every time!

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