Lightweight & Cavity Fixings

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Armafix provides a wide range of fixings for lightweight applications, hollow walls and ceilings. From the popular red and brown plugs through to redi-driva toggles, we can help you with every challenge you face.  Depending on the weight of the item you are needing to secure we can provide you with the best solution.

We have a range of fixings suited to the window fitting trade including concrete screws, window packers and hammer fixings.

For fixing into plasterboard, we can offer metal cavity anchors, which are a collapsible anchor that expands as the integral screw is tightened and grips the inner face of the board. The collar keeps the fixing in place if the screw is removed.

Another popular option are spring toggles that have two spring-loaded arms which flip out as the device is inserted, and then press against the inner face of the board as the screw is tightened. The toggle is lost in the cavity if the screw is undone

Alternatively for light-duty fixings, the speedplug is ideal. It’s a threaded plug which is simply screwed into a small starter hole and cuts its own thread in the board. It stays put if the screw is removed.

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