Concrete Screws & Hammer Fixings from Armafix

Concrete scews and frame fixings are ideal for solid masonry and concrete projects. Armafix can supply all of these products on a next day delivery service. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Concrete Screws

concrete_screwsConcrete screws are a direct fit fixing where the hardened scew taps its own thread into masonry.  The benefit is that no plug is required.  You will need to drill a 6mm pilot hole and the concrete screw requires a T30 driver.  We stock a range from 7.5 x 52mm up to 7.5 x 152mm. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Hammer Fixing

hammer_fixingThe hammer fixing is a plug with a special drive nail which may be removed with  a screwdriver.  They are used for the fast fixing of battens and frames.  We stock a range from 6 x 40mm which will fix a maximum thickness of 20mm up to a 10 x 100mm which will fix a maximum thickness of 68mm. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

For more help on the best product for your application, call our knowledgeable sales team on 0113 256 7211.  With over 30 years experience in the trade, we will be able to help you.


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