Expansion Plugs from Armafix

Plastic expansion plugs are the most popular lightweight fixings on the market.  Below is a list of expansion plugs available to purchase at competitive prices from Armafix. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Plastic Expansion Plugs

plastic_expansion_plugsPlastic expansion plugs are a two-way polypropylene plug with a profiled body for extra grip.  They are suitable for sound brickwork and concrete.  For yellow plugs you need to drill a 5mm hole and use a No. 4-8 screw.  For red plugs you need to drill a 5.5mm hole and use a No. 6-10 screw.  Brown plugs require a 7mm hole and are for use with No. 10-14 screws. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Nylon Expansion Plugs

nylon_plugsNylon expansion plugs have flexible locking lugs and teeth to ensure a secure fixing into a wide range of materials.  We stock a full range from 6 x 30mm up to 12 x 65mm.  ________________________________________________________________________________________________

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