Packers from Armafix

At Armafix we guarantee an honest, on-time, quality service which makes us stand out from the crowd.  Our range of packers are all available from stock either on a next day delivery or if you prefer, you can call in and collect.  ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Plastic Batten Packers

packerPlastic Batten Packers are colour coded packing shims for aligning battens and frames on irregular surfaces.  You can order: Yellow – 1mm, Green – 2mm, Blue – 3mm, Red – 4mm, Brown – 5mm, Black – 6mm and Grey – 10mm.  We also stock assorted packs which include all sizes.


 Plastic Wedge Packers

plastic_wedge_packersPlastic wedge packers are used in pairs and their notched design allows simple adjustment of thickness in 0.2mm increments.  Packing thickness per pair is variable from 9 – 15mm. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Glazing Packers

glazing_packerGlazing Packers are used on double-glazed sealed units.  They ensure the squarness to the frame and the correct weight distribution is maintained.  We stock 100 x 28mm glazing packers ranging from 1mm up to 6mm.


What ever your budget, what ever your requirement, we are here to help.  Our friendly advisors will be glad to help source the correct product for your application, so call us on 0113 256 7211.


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