Sheet Metal & Construction Fixings


Blind rivets are regually used to fasten two thin pieces of metal together for a cleaner appearance.  At Armafix we stock alumiumium alloy, white painted, stainless steel and BZP rivets in all sizes as well as the riveting tools.

Armafix stock a full range of self-tapping screws including countersunk, pan head, flange head in both BZP and stainless steel.  It’s helpful to use self-tapping screws for products that you need to maintain regularly such as air-conditioning units or canopies where you need to dissemble and reassemble the item along the same threads.

Self-drilling or TEK screws again increase productivity by speeding up screwing pieces of metal together.  Armafix stock the full range, from hex heads, to pan and wafer heads, gash point and bonded washer.  When selecting your self-drilling screws, remember that the metal thickness that you are drilling into needs to be thinner than the length of the drilling point of the screw.  Thousands of our TEK screws have been used up and down the country on football stadiums and service stations.

When construction stud partitions, drywall screws are threaded to grip both the drywall and the framing members tightly, and provide a much more secure and long-lasting installation over time.  Black phosphated, zinc plated and self drill drywalls are all in stock at Armafix.

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