Rivets from Armafix

Rivets are used in many industrial applications where various metals and plastics need to be firmly attached together.  Armafix offer a range of finishes to suit your requirements.


Aluminium Alloy Blind Rivets

blind_rivet_aluminium_alloyA blind rivet consists of a tubular body with a mandrel, or a retention piece, through its center.  When installing, the mandrel keeps the rivet in place as the worker uses a rivet gun to pull the body through which allows the remaining piece to snap off.  This leaves the mandrel head in place and therefore secures the two objects being joined together.  We stock an extensive range of aluminium alloy blind rivets covering a grip range from 1mm up to 16mm. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

White Painted Aluminium Rivets

white_painted-blind_rivetsBlind rivets have many applications and sometimes when using with white materials, it is necessary to use a white painted rivet.  The grip range available from stock, is 4.5mm up to 12mm. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Stainless Steel Aluminium Rivets

blind_rivet_aluminium_alloyWhen corrosion is an issue, stainless steel rivets are available.  We have a selection available covering a 3.5mm to 12mm grip range. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

 Steel Blind Rivets

blind_rivets_steelIn applications where a more heavy duty fixing is required, we have a range of steel blind rivets covering a 5mm to 12mm grip range. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Lazy Tong Riveter

lazy_tong_riveterThe lazy tong riveter has a 3.2 – 6.4 mm diameter rivet capacity.  The three piece hardened jaws provide superior pin grip and release. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Heavy Duty Plier Type Riveter

heavy_duty_plier_riveterThe heavy duty plier type riveter has a 2.4 – 4 mm diameter rivet capacity  The three piece hardened jaws facilitate superior pin grip and release.  The mirror polished alloy body and special hardened handle with soft grip provide rugged performance and long life. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Threaded Inserts

threaded_insertsA threaded insert, otherwise known as a Rivnut fastener, is a tubular rivet with internal threads.  It can be installed in seconds form one side of the sheet and no finishing work is required once it is installed.  It is ready to use with clean threads that are available for screw attachments.  We stock a range of sizes from M4 to M10 and they are available in BZP.


Plier Type Threaded Insert Tool

plier_threaded_insert_toolThe plier type threaded insert tool has a M3-M6 capacity and will also set M8 aluminium rivnuts.  It is a sturdy and economical tool.


Heavy Duty Threaded Insert Tool

heavy_duty_threaded_insert_toolThe heavy duty threaded insert tool has a M4-M10 capacity.  It is a professional, compact tool with excellent leverage due to the clever, effort saving design.


If you can’t find the product you are searching for, call our knowledgeable team on 0113 256 7211.  We are here to provide solutions for your challenges.

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