Self-Drilling Screws from Armafix

Armafix presents a selection of self-drilling screws for general construction use.  Self-drilling screws have a chisel shaped tip similar to a drill bit which means you do not have to pre-drill a hole into thinner gauges of sheet metal.  It is important that the metal thickness you are drilling into is thinner than the length of the drilling point of the screw.  All products are available at competitive rates and with speedy delivery times. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Hex Washer Head Self-Drilling Screws – steel to steel

self_drilling_screws_hex_washerUsed for fixing steel to steel, we stock a range of sizes with both 3mm and 12mm drill points. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

White Hex Washer Head Self-Drilling Screws – steel to steel

white_head_self_drilling_screwThe white hex washer head self-drilling screw is used for fixing steel to steel where the head of the fixing needs to blend into the background.  We stock 4.8 x 20mm. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Hex Washer Head (with bonded washer) Self-Drilling Screws – steel to steel

self_drilling_screws_hex_washer_bond_washerWhen a weatherproof self-drilling screw is required, we supply the bonded washer variety.  They are ideal for roofing and cladding projects and are available from stock in various lengths again with either the 3mm or 12mm drill point depending on your application. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Hex Washer Head (with bonded washer) Self-Drilling Screws – steel to timber

gash_point_self_drilling_screwsGash point hex washer head self-drilling screws are ideal for fixing sheet metal and cladding to timber frames.  We stock 6.3 x 25mm, up to 6.3 x 100mm. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Pan Head Self-Drilling Screws – steel to steel

self_drilling_screws_pan_headFor smaller steel sections, we offer a range of light duty self-drilling screws.  These pan head screws are for tapping 2 and 4mm steel and are available in different lengths to suit your requirements. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Wafer Head Self-Drilling Screws

self_drilling_screws_wafer_headWafter head self-drilling screws are for used for many light section applications including installation of air-conditioning ductwork.  These screws are available in 4.2 x 12mm and we stock self-drill for steel t0 steel applications and sharp point for use when fixing steel to timber. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Countersunk Self-Drilling Screws – steel to steel

self_drilling_screws_countersunkWhen you require a flush finish, countersunk self-drilling screws provide the solution.  These are suitable for small steel sections and require a PH2 driver.  A range from 3.9mm through to 5.5mm are available from stock. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Countersunk Self-Drilling Screws – timber to steel

self_drilling_screws_countersunk_headCountersunk self-drilling screws provide a flush finish when fixing timber to steel.  The integral wings ream a clearance hole in the timber, then the drill point drills the steel and the wings break off prior to the thread tapping into the steel.  Depending on the thickness of your timber and steel, please ask one of our advisors to select the correct screw length and diameter for your requirements. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Hexdrive Socket Driver

hexdrive_socketWe stock a range of hexdrive socket drivers in ¼”, 7mm, 8mm, 10mm and 13mm to suit the hex head self-drilling screws. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

With so many different applications and a huge range of products to choose from, selecting the right fixing for your project can often be daunting.  Remove the doubts and contact our helpful team today on 0113 256 7211.





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