Self-Tapping Screws from Armafix

Self-tapping screws drill their own way into materials by cutting threads when they are screwed into metal, plastic or wood.  Self-tapping screws are ideal for products that you need to maintain regularly such as air-conditioning units or canopies where you need to reassemble the item along the same threads. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

BZP Countersunk Self-Tapping Screws

cross_recess_self_tapping_bright_zincCountersunk bright zinc plated self-tapping screws are available for speedy delivery.  We hold a range from 6g to 14g. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

BZP Pan Head Self-Tapping Screws

pan_head_self_tapping_bright_zincPan head bright zinc plated self-tapping screws are available from 4g up to 12g. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Flange Head Self-Tapping Screws

flange_headFlange head self-tapping scews have a lower profile head giving a nicer finish for your project.  We stock a range of 8g screws from ½” through to 1″. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

A2 Stainless Steel Countersunk Seft-Tapping Screws

cross_recess_self_tapping_a2_stainless_steelWhere anti-corrosion properties are essential, we supply stainless steel self-tappers.  Countersunk stainless steel self-tapping screws are available from 4g through to 12g. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

A2 Stainless Steel Pan Head Self-Tapping Screws

pan_head_self_tapping_a2_stainless_steelPan head stainless steel self-tapping screws are available in 4g through to 14g for next day delivery. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Bay Pole Screws

bay_pole_screwsBay pole screws are used for fastening bay windows.  They have a shallow pan countersunk head with a phillips recess and self-tapping thread.  The finish is zinc and yellow passivated.  We stock 4.8 x 60mm and 4.8 x 80mm.


Armafix is a one-stop-shop for all of your fixings and fasteners.  If you want help or advice on any products from our extensive range, simply call us on 0113 256 7211.

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