Hex Screws and Bolts from Armafix

Hex screws and bolts are commonly used in construction or repair work.  Both are available from Armafix in a wide variety of sizes and materials. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Brass Hex Set Screws

brass_hex_set_screwsBrass hex set screws are available from stock in M6 through to a M12 thread, starting from 12mm long up to 50mm.


Stainless Steel Hex Set Screws

stainless_steel_hex_set_screws_a2A2 stainless steel screws have increased anti-corrosion properties.  We stock a large range of M4 up to M16 threads, with larger sizes available to order.


Zinc Plated Hex Set Screws

zinc_plated_hex_set_screwsBright zinc plated hex set screws, or set pins, are the most common finish and therefore more cost effective.  They are made of high tensile steel (8.8 grade) and are available from stock in M4 to M24 thread.  We stock a wide range of lengths in each thread size. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Bolt and Nut Protection Caps

bolt_and_nut_protection_capsWe stock a range of bolt and nut protection caps for metric sizes and they are available in black or white. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Cup Square Hex Bolts and Nuts

cup_square_hexCup square hex bolts and nuts, otherwise know as carriage bolts or coach bolts, are generally used in wood.  They consist of a plain domed head with a square neck underneath.  As the nut is tightened the square pulls into the wood creating a very secure fit and preventing the bolt from turning.  Because the head is totally plain, cup square hex bolts make a popular choice where a secure fixing or an enhanced finish is required. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Zinc Plated Hex Bolts

zinc_plated_hex_boltsZinc plated hex bolts are similar to hex head sets execpt that they are only partially threaded.  Our range are made of high tensile steel (8.8 grade) and are available in M10 to M30 thread.  The lengths we stock are from 90mm up to 250mm. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Should you need any more information regarding the load ratings for any of our products, please call our friendly and helpful technical team on 0113 256 7211.  We will deal with your enquiry quickly and efficiently.



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