Armafix stock a wide range of nuts which are available in many, configurations, sizes and finishes. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Bright Zinc Plated Hex Nuts

hex_nuts_bzpBZP hex nuts are available for speedy delivery in all thread sizes from M3 through to M36. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Brass Hex Nuts

hex_nuts_brassBrass hex nuts are available from stock in M4, M6, M8, M10 and M12. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

A2 Stainless Steel Hex Nuts

hex_nuts_a2_stainless_steelA2 stainless steel hex nuts are in stock in most threade sizes from M3 to M20. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Hot Dip Galvanised Hex Nuts

hex_nuts_hot_dip_galvanisedHDG hex nuts provide a high level of protection against corrosion and are available as a stock item in M6, M8, M10, M12 and M16.  Other sizes and nyloc HDG nuts are obtainable to order. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Nylon Insert Locknuts

nylon_insert_locknuts_bzpNylon insert locknuts, otherwise known as nyloc nuts are a fastener that has a nylon component which locks the nut into position on the bolt or threaded rod.  This nylon element of the nut has a smaller inside diameter than the actual nut itself which causes the nut  to lock in place by squeezing the nylon firmly around the thread when tightened.  We stock a range of bright zinc plated, A2 stainless steel and hot dip galvanised, in M4 through to M24. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Dome Nuts

dome_nuts_bzpDome nuts have a many uses and are commonly used for their aesthetics as a cover for threaded rods and as caps for machine screws in architectural metalwork.  We hold stock of both bright zinc plated and A2 stainless steel in M4, M5, M6, M10 and M12 thread sizes. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Standard Wedge Nuts

wedge_nuts_standard_diagramStandard wedge nuts are used for ribbed decking and are placed in the hollow ‘V’ channel.  They have a tapped hole to accept threaded rod.  Standard wedge nuts measure 24mm (length at top), 19mm (length at bottom), 12mm (width) and are for use with: Richard Lees Decking – Super Holorib & Holorib; Quick Span Decking – Q51; PMF Decking – C151; Alpha Decking – Alpharib.


Mini Wedge Nuts (Rounded Corners)

mini_wedge_nuts_diagramMini wedge nuts are used for hanging threaded rod from ribbed decking.  They are placed into the hollow ‘V’ channel of the decking and have a threaded hole to accept the threaded rod.  Mini wedge nuts measure 21mm (length at top), 17mm (length at bottom), 10mm (width) and are for use with: Richard Lees Decking – Ribdeck 60.  ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Mini-Mini Wedge Nuts

mini_mini_wedge_nuts_diagramMini-mini wedge nuts are designed for use with ribbed decking.  The nut is placed into the hollow ‘V’ channel of the decking and the rod is threaded into the central hole. Mini-mini wedge nuts measure 18mm (length at top), 10mm (length at bottom), 9mm (width) and are for use with: PMF Decking-CF70.  ________________________________________________________________________________________________

If you need help or advice on any of our products, please call our sales team on 0113 256 7211.  We are here to provide solutions for you.

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