Socket Screws from Armafix

Socket screws, otherwise known as Allen head screws or bolts, are a type of fastener that uses a hex key to fasten and remove.  This fastener is used in a many applications where a strong fixing is required.  They are often used where space is at a premium, because they require less room than the common hex nut and bolt. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Cap Head Socket Screws

socket_screws_cap_headCap head socket screws are designed for tight recesses and are available in stainless steel and bright zinc plated.  We stock many different sizes to suit all applications. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Countersunk Head Socket Screws

socket_screws_countersunk_headCountersunk head socket screws provide a flush finish for your projects and are available from stock in stainless steel or bright zinc plated.  Our stockholding covers a range from M5 x 16 throught to M12 x 80. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Button Head Socket Screws

socket_screws_button_headButton head socket screws provide a more powerful fixing and we hold a stock of both stainless steel and bright zinc plated.  Our extensive range covers from M4 x 10 up to M10 x 80 with larger sizes available to order.


Cup Point Grub Screws

grub_screwsCup point grub screws, also known as set screws, are used in mechanical applications where metal surfaces rub and cannot be obstructed by screw heads.  Grub screws have a recessed hex head and are available in bright zinc plated or stainless steel.  We stock a range from M4 x 12 through to M8 x 50.


If you would like a quotation on any of these products please contact our helpful team on 0113 256 7211.  We will process your enquiry quickly and efficiently.

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