Threaded Rod Cutter from Armafix


Otherwise known as a studding cutter, Armafix are pleased to present this excellent tool which is designed for cutting threaded rod, leaving a clean, burr-free cut.  It is a quick and efficient tool and will help to reduce installation times in many applications.  Due to its light weight, it can also be used for cutting studs whilst in-situ, and even for overhead work.  The threaded rod cutter is supplied with M10 cutting dies as standard, with both M6 and M8 dies available as optional extras.

Stock Code Ref Size Weight
ETC100 TRC10 765mm 4.5kg


Threaded Rod Cutter Replacement Dies

threaded_rod_cutter_replacing_bladesReplacement dies for the threaded rod cutter are available in M6, M8 and M10. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

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